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You are at the right place. Please contact us and provide your name, business email, and phone number. We will get back to you with all the information on next steps, prices, etc.

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Walmart Marketplace Trend

Walmart Marketplace was the biggest e-commerce trend in 2022. And today, in 2024, it is still getting hotter.

Smart buyselleraccount customers have already chosen Walmart Marketplace as a powerful alternative to the stormy winds of the Amazon business that have left them broken too often.

Finally, after sleepless nights of testing and a lot of work behind the scenes, we launched Walmart Accounts to the public.

Although quite limited in supply, Walmart stores can now buy any customer at any time

As demand outstrips our supply, the biggest challenge is reserving a spot on the waiting list and getting any store allocated to you.

What is the Price?

To get the actual price, please submit your business information. We will prepare all the necessary documents and answer all your questions.

The price is fixed and not cheap at all. Due to low supply as well as difficulty obtaining accounts, unfortunately we cannot offer any discounts.

However, compared to our competitors, our prices are on average 10-15% lower.

What Do I Get?

The package includes:

1. A fully active and onboarded US Walmart seller account.

2. An LLC Articles or Organization and other docs. All LLC transfer fees are covered by us.

3. A Hyperwallet account (learn more) attached to Walmart Seller Center. No extra fees for you.

4. A domain name and a phone number.

Do Accounts Have Any Sales?

We supply brand new Walmart stores. Every store is freshly made, active, 100% onboard and ready to go. They have never had any suspensions or issues with Walmart.

Have no previous sales or performance of any kind. All LLCs supplied with our Walmart accounts are clean and have no prior activity.

Walmart Seller Account

How Can I Buy a Walmart Account?

Here is the process:

1. Contact us and send your business info
2. We contact you with all the information
3. We sign some papers
4. You send a Payoneer or Crypto transfer
5. You get all the accesses and instructions
6. We transfer the LLC ownership to you

Who is This Service For?

Our service works best for experienced dropshipping and non-dropshipping ecommerce sellers who run Amazon or other ecommerce businesses and don’t want to put all their eggs in one basket.

Walmart Seller store

With all the new policies and regulations as well as huge competition, Amazon has become a very tough place to run a business. Therefore, Walmart Marketplace is a perfect alternative to Amazon.

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Our Walmart Accounts:

If you are a successful Amazon or eCommerce seller who needs a trusted service to buy from Walmart account, welcome aboard!

Thank you for your business!

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